The Lucas made in USA

· Charles, Alexander Lucas

Enlisted Aug. 16, 1862, as Second Sergeant, Co D, 24th Iowa Infantry.

· Promoted to Second Lieutenant December 16, 1862, to First Lieutenant July 6, 1864, to Captain September 20, 1864, mustered out July 17, 1865, Savannah, GA






On May 27, 1859, they left for America, sailing from Antwerp. A little earlier, Emile, the youngest son began to suffer from diarrhea. When their mother wanted to delay their departure, Emile said he felt well enough to leave. But during the voyage, seasickness and certainly also the often deplorable sanitary conditions at the time were fatal to Emile, and he had to be immersed in the sea The voyage lasted 45 days and they landed in New York July 11, 1859, after having suffered a terrible storm. New York, they took the train which took them to Iowa City in the central United States where they arrived July 19. They settled in Graham Township from Aug. 1 on a land area of 156 acres and was once devoted to farming.  They were joined a year later by Emile Lefebure , a young man from Neufvilles in Belgium














Jurion Marie-Thérèse

° october 20st 1805

+ june 13th  1864

Lucas Jean-Baptiste

° october 8th 1787

+ june 14th  1847

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